OCT 5TH 2014
Blues Cruise 50 K Trail Ultra
Registration for the Blues Cruise 50K on Oct 4th 2015 is now open, please note that we are currently working on the new website, most info on this site applied to the 2015 race but everything should be updated by mid March.
PA 50k Championship

The Blues Cruise 50K 2015 will be the PA 50K Championship.Once again the course will consist of a giant 31 Mile loop around the lake featuring 95% trail. Our race is one of the few, where you won't run a mile twice. This is only possible due to the great support of the Pacoda Pacers and the Army Corps of Engineers.

The Blues Cruise 50K Trail Ultra race is suitable for first time ultra runners as well as seasoned runners. We are able to reach this goal by having a course that is very runnable, not too technical, but challenging enough to  make it interesting for everyone. Our themed aid stations are well stocked and serviced by local (ultra) runners.  view course info

Stephan Weiss & Mike Yoder are
supported by the Pagoda Pacers, a local (ultra) running club with more then 500 members.  
The Pagoda Pacers have years of experience organizing first class trail races and can draw from  over 100 members who have completed an ultra. If you have any questions about our race or ultra running in general , please don't hesitate to contact us
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